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With more than 9-figures generated from our efforts we can help you get more revenue in fast and more customers on-demand. 

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Our Results Stand Alone

We've been helping companies grow for over a decade and have generated massive results behind the scenes.

If you're frustrated at the lack of progress your business has made... stagnant revenue... or you get a flood of new customers for a month or so and feel like you're doing good... only for it to disappear a couple months later and end up right where you started...

This may be the solution you've been praying for.

Would you like to experience the sheer excitement of what our clients have experienced first hand below?

Our Most Recent Results

$5M to $8.5M in a little over 90 days (a 70% Overall Increase in Revenue)

We increased revenue for a coaching company in Provo, UT by $3.5 Million per year in a little over 90 days through strategic improvements in their sales process improving overall profits for the company by 70%. 

Even better, we developed a front end customer acquisition strategy and turned it into reality to double their newfound revenue over the following year.

Helped Turn a Financial Services Education Company From Losing Money to $500k Per Month 

We helped a financial services company create a remarkable turnaround from grossing just over $20k per month (with roughly $50k in expenses - losing money fast) to making over $500,000 per month in 6 months (from February 2022 - August 2022) and then maintain this while catching up in other departments.

This was primarily achieved through revising the marketing funnel and improving lead generation performance and lowering the lead cost by 500%. Then we scaled traffic to achieve the revenue goal.

New Product Launch Results in $1.3M in 48 Hours in Obscure Supplement Market

We (as part of a team) helped scale a company in an obscure supplement industry and created the largest ever product launch in this industry of $1.3M in 48 hours. This occurred during a trade show strategically positioned with multiple promos and in-person sales strategies to close multiple major customers for recurring retail products. The $1.3M was only the beginning of this product line.

This would go on to be the 2nd highest grossing product of the company's lineup within 3 months and opened a new avenue to reach consumers.

Creating Breakthroughs & Fast Growth for Local Businesses 

30% Increase Fast

We helped TherapedsWorks (a Pediatric Therapy clinic) generate more leads and traffic from organic Google results (aka SEO).

The results? Within the first 2 months of working together we increased traffic and profits by 30%! 

$327 Into $16,500

We helped Grapplers Lair (a MMA gym) generate a consistent source of new members. The results of our initial push? We turned $327 of advertising into more than 11 new members (worth more than $16,500)! This allowed them to add on new members on demand and eventually move to their new improved location.


We helped a real estate broker generate home buyer leads that converted for as low as 52 cents per lead. The broker had around 1 out of 10 leads reach out to get help. With the average home over $550k resulting in an average commission of $16,500 it was highly profitable to say the least. 

$18.45 Into $7,000

We helped Salado Fitness (a small local gym) generate a consistent source of new members.

The results of our initial push? We turned $18.45 of advertising into more than 7 new members (worth more than $7,000)!

The Man Behind The Madness...

Meet Vince Whinnery

Vince Whinnery is an entrepreneur and leading authority on digital marketing, sales and public relations especially as it pertains to online lead generation, sales funnels, sales copy, digital publicity, personal branding and reputation management . He has helped more than 2 dozen companies grow their revenue by at least 50%, and generated millions of clicks, tens of thousands of leads, and 9 figures in revenue. He helps entrepreneurs learn how to leverage online advertising and publicity in the digital age.  His work on television, radio and news media has reached millions of people around the world.

He began his journey online in 2002 and was an early advertiser on Google and Facebook helping pave the way for many of the practices seen today. He currently runs multiple companies, and has built a reputation as someone able to achieve big things fast, and is known as a top digital entrepreneur.

A Few Highlights On His Track Record:

  • 8-Figures in revenue generated from Auto Insurance 

  • More than 20 sales funnels that generated 400%+ ROI (some as much as 30,000% ROI)
  • Product Launch in 2020 resulted in an EPC of $61 and overall conversion rate of 16.8% on a $2,200 product.
  • One business he built brought in $170,000 passive over a 2 year period

Traffic & Conversions:

By 2009, Whinnery had racked up a number of wins creating multiple successful campaigns on the internet and building online companies. In mid 2009, Google shut down over 50,000 ad accounts overnight with no warning, and effectively shut down tens of thousands of businesses. At the time Google had a clear monopoly, and online traffic was difficult to acquire outside of their platform.

Vince pivoted to finding new online ad platforms, eventually partnering with a CPA network. Soon after he had developed multiple highly profitable campaigns, which caused him to gain notoriety as one of the top super affiliates in the world over the next 5 years. Some of his successes included generating 5-figures per day from auto insurance leads, was one of the top affiliates for a 9-figure coaching company, and developed more than 22 profitable campaigns across 8 verticals generating 8 figures in revenue.


Since 2013, developing and growing companies has become his main passion resulting in multiple successful businesses, A few of those companies included an ad agency specializing in helping small businesses increase their revenue exponentially, and a resume company of which he proudly tells of the extreme performance levels they were able to help clients achieve, with 75% of clients acquiring their dream job - a success rate that is off the charts compared to the usual 5-10% from "really good" resume companies.

Since 2019 he has been developing strategic publicity strategies, pairing the power of publicity (when leveraged properly according to Vince) along with his proven marketing strategies to generate extreme results. This has resulted in the creation of Amplified Authority, a PR agency, where these hyper-effective strategies became accessible to other companies. Amplified was recently recognized as a top 3 PR firm for 2021 and is one of the fastest growing PR firms in the world that has generated impressive results for companies large and small.

$271,000 For a Lounge in Manhattan

A client had a lounge/nightclub in Manhattan and wanted to generate more table reservations (the primary source of reliable income for his establishment). We developed a strategy and accompanying campaign that turned every $5,069 in ads into a reliable $271k in front end revenue like clockwork (and those customers on average would spend another $271k over the next 2 years as well doubling the front end revenue).

This strategy alone helped him go from struggling for consistent revenue to making a strong profit from this establishment allowing him to scale up his business.

What's Our Secret To Getting These Results?

The truth is it varies... but it usually starts at a similar place for about 90% of clients we work with.

Typically, we help companies by improving their sales process first (effectively increasing revenue without the need for more leads).

Then... once we have the sales process sharper than a Ginsu knife... we build systems to bring in a flood of high-quality leads to your business so you can reliably increase revenue on-demand... and as you see fit.

This 2-step approach has revolutionized many companies we've worked with through the years and made it highly predictible to increase revenue... sometimes to the tune of 7 figures in a few months.

See how we've been able to do this for some of our clients below...

Who Do We Work With?

You might be wondering if we work with "regular" companies or only 8 & 9 figure companies.

The majority of clients fall in the "regular" business category - including small businesses, local businesses, online businesses and more.

For us... it is refreshing to work with a variety of clients and even more exciting seeing the face of someone light up who it makes a massive impact on their life.

And we've worked with so many types of companies in different industries that we likely already have your industry figured out and know exactly what works and what doesn't.

So in short...

If you're "In Business" then it is probably worth reaching out to see what is possible...

As long as you meet the qualifications below we're open to seeing if we can create results for you like you see on this page...

1. You must be in business currently

This means not starting the business, or thinking about it in the near future. You should have real products and real revenue.

2. You must gross (at a minimum) around $10k per month

Nothing against you but we only work with those where we find opportunities that we can provide at least a 10X return for... and it needs to be able to justify our fees. 

If you're under $10k/mo right now then you're probably not a good fit. But feel free to look us up once you have expanded a bit more.

3. You must sell real products or services that deliver on your promise

We don't work with anything we feel is scammy or shady. We don't want to be connected to helping snake oil salesman grow filthy rich.

So if you meet all those qualifications then good news... you're not out of the mix :-)

So now you're thinking this sounds good... but how does this work?

Perfect... because...

Local Barbershop Maxed out in 3 weeks

Salt City Barbershop opened their 2nd location right before the pandemic and wasn't making the progress they were hoping for when coming out of it.

We helped by using a combination of strategies (our "Local Business Stack") which ended up being so successful we had to shut off ads right after we got it going and maxed out their clientele after spending only $90 turning it into $18,000 in revenue the first year alone (watch the video below).

Initial Launch for a Coaching Program resulted in $88,000 in 4 days

A coach was needing help while launching a new product to his small list and was running into trouble. We helped him (in a very tight timeframe) improve the launch funnel and drive paid ads from cold traffic (people who never heard of him before) resulting in an average revenue of $385 per subscriber (more than 12X of a "Great" promotion) and a $61 EPC.

This was just a quick test meant to scale up in the future creating a pushbutton business for the coach. Imagine being able to spend $35 to make $2,200 on demand.

Click Here for the full case study
(Note: the offer on the page is no longer available)

In The Media

Here's What To Do Next...

The next step is to apply for a strategy call (if you qualify from above).

1. Click on the button below to request a strategy call.

You'll be taken to a short form that asks for the basics of your business (don't worry, we don't ask anything too personal).

Just the basics like who you are, your business, some basic information so we can verify you are indeed a real business and selling a real product.

2. Then someone from our team will review your application and if you pass the initial sniff test... we'll email you with some additional information and to a strategy call.

If you don't qualify for a call... we'll politely let you know via email.

Most of the time we'll need a little bit more information about what your goals are, what you've tried before, etc.

Depending on the situation our team will either email or setup a quick call to gather this information.

Any which way it'll be quick and painless.

3. Then if everything is good... Vince will jump on the phone with you for roughly 20 minutes to discuss your business and ask you questions to look for a solid growth opportunity.

Much like how a doctor will poke and prod... he will effectively do this with your business to see what he thinks is the most important for your business so it can grow into a strong and healthy version of itself.

4. After the call our team will do some more digging and if we see something that makes sense to build for your business... and makes sense for our team to get involved in... then we'll make you an offer.

Vince will only make an offer if he is sure it will create a 10X return on investment for you. So this way... even if it falls a little short of the mark you're still on the winning end of this.

Of course it still has to make sense for our team as well so all of this goes into consideration.

5. You can then accept or decline the offer to work together.

That's it.

Its easy to go down this path and only takes a few minutes.

Worst case scenario is you'll have a better idea of where your business is and how you can progress forward even if we don't work together.

And... if we end up working together... then you'll get to enjoy the benefits similar to the clients on this page... an accelerated path to more customers and profits!

Almost without exception... what needs to be fixed in a company is NOT what the owner(s) think needs to be fixed. 

Coming in from outside, Vince is able to see the company clearly and with extensive experience developing companies and understanding growth issues throughout different stages... the solution is usually clear to him.

Makes sense right?

After all, if you already knew what needed to be done then you would have likely already done it.

Ready to get moving?

Just click on the button below and fill out the form to get it started...

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  • Success: Step-by-step system designed to cover every aspect of building a successful business you can scale

Let's get started! The first step is a strategy session to uncover the opportunities for growth in your company.