How To Make Black Friday Your Most Profitable Day of the Year




Are you tired of not getting the sales and results from Black Friday you know you could in your business?

Have you wondered if there was a way to consistently use Black Friday to generate the best sales day of the year?

Pay very close attention to this post and I’ll show you…

How to leverage your business and Facebook to have the best sales day of the year…

…on a reliable and repeatable basis!

One of the main reasons you don’t have this on a regular and consistent basis is because you don’t have pre-defined campaign that builds up momentum to your house list (meaning all your previous customers and leads/prospects), and you don’t have a solid (irresistible) offer that will get your customers and prospects through the door buying.

I’ll tell you right now that doing this poorly will still get you good results. Doing just ONE of those activities mentioned below will take your sales potential (and income) beyond what you’ve ever seen before. Implement all of these and then hold on for the ride.

I am not saying what you’re doing now isn’t working, and isn’t going to make you happy. There is simply a huge opportunity when done correctly… and it will impact sales ALL YEAR AROUND and not just on one day (I’ll explain later).

All you have to do is add these skills and tactics to your existing strategy, and the results will be seen fast.  I’ll tell you what these are very shortly so keep reading.

If anyone knows the stress behind running promotional campaigns while managing all the other aspects of a business it is me. When I got started implementing these strategies… I was managing 2 businesses and developing another business. It took everything I had to keep it running and operations smooth… much less trying to run any seasonal campaigns or events.

I had recently burned out on a previous business (16 hour days will eventually get to you). And I didn’t have the funds sitting around to jump into expensive marketing campaigns with limited upside.

I remember trying out untested campaigns with no idea how they’d turn out. Long story short I didn’t know much at the time and lost more money than I made… after investing thousands of dollars and countless hours in addition to the regular workload.

Fast forward to 2017…

When you implement what I’m about to lay out, you’ll have fewer moving parts in your business that you have to keep under a microscope. As a matter of fact it will be almost “push button” after it’s been run once.

You won’t have to worry about investing a lot of time or buildup or money or any of that nonsense.

First let me tell you what this strategy involves…

“Targeted Facebook offers to your Ideal Customers”

How does it work?

I’ll give you an example…

Recently I got in contact with a gift store who has been having trouble achieving expectations from Black Friday sales.

Their process was poor. Almost no promotion other than in-store flyers and signage on the windows. They also placed a few ads in the newspaper and other local publications.

The offer was… unexciting. Nothing that made it a “Must” for their customers.

And results followed suit with a dismal turnout on Black Friday.

Most boutique companies are doing this. Some are using their Facebook page… which is a solid start. The problem is they don’t have a large following and even those with a solid promotional campaign aren’t promoting it sufficiently and therefore leaving 80-90% of the upside on the table. And that isn’t even getting into the back-end opportunities.

The worst part was there were significant marketing assets not being used. They had a Facebook page with a decent following, they had almost two thousand customers and more than 5,000 leads.

There was more than enough to generate at least $30,000 in extra revenue from one day (which is significant for this business). Most likely much more.

Let’s get into the “How-To” and make this happen.

First let’s start with the general process and requirements needed to successfully pull this off:

Step 1. Create an irresistible offer
Step 2. Target people highly likely to become ideal customers
Step 3. Deliver Exceptional Service
Step 4. Retarget to maximize exposure and sales
Step 5. Build momentum BEFORE Black Friday

REMEMBER: You don’t need to get this out to a lot of people… just the right people.

Now… let’s dive deep on the mechanics of this process…

  1. Create your Facebook ad campaign targeting your ideal customer base
  2. Setup the landing page (a.k.a. offer page)
  3. Setup the thank you page
  4. Setup the follow up messages
  5. Setup the countdown sequence
  6. Setup the retargeting ads
Black Friday sequence

First let’s start with the general process:

1) Make an irresistible offer

This should be a cornerstone of your business year round.


If you’re not making an irresistible offer to get in new customers (which is by far the most expensive part of running a successful business)… then your competitors are going to take advantage.

Having said that… Black Friday is a great opportunity for you and your business to get new people through the door.

People expect it, they save money up for it, and it has obviously become a major event in the country where people plan it out for weeks in advance.

And it is a huge opportunity IF you do it correctly.

Not sure what makes up an irresistible offer for your business?

Look up Groupon and see what competing businesses in the country are doing. You can even see how well they performed (just look at their sales stats on the offer).

Whatever you’re doing, there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

If you have a Flower shop… your ad could look like this…

2) Target people highly likely to become ideal customers

One of the primary 3 reasons Groupon doesn’t work as well as it could is simply because of the audience.

The first requirement is having an exceptional service. The second is targeting people who are likely to become long-term customers.

While the majority of the population may enjoy a $200 meal at a high-end steakhouse for $20… only certain people are likely to return as regular customers.

Groupon offers the service to everyone. Some of which will be in your market and be great customers… others not so much.

And remember… the primary idea of Black Friday is 2-fold

  1. To acquire as many new customers as possible
  2. To sell as much as possible (to make a profit)

Putting an irresistible offer in front of everyone may give you a bunch of new customers, but only the ones likely to use your service/products will come back and become longterm customers (where all the profit is).

The irresistible offer is just to knock them off the fence and start the customer interaction.

So it is important to define WHO is your ideal customer. If you have a high-end spa then there is no point in putting your efforts selling to people who can’t afford what you have.

Luckily, with Facebook you can define exactly who your audience is… this way you can focus all your efforts on getting the right people to respond!

So some things you may want to think through…

  • What income range?
  • What geographic area (5 mile radius, certain high-end neighborhoods, etc)?
  • What hobbies/interests do they need to be involved in?
  • Family or age demographics?

These are just a few however are likely to get the ball rolling.

3) Deliver exceptional service

The key to Black Friday sales has nothing to do with making the sale itself.

It’s all about acquiring new customers and delivering exceptional service… so they come back over and over again.

It is how you acquire NEW customers in a frenzy and continue building a positive relationship with your existing customers.

And you should be able to make a nice profit as well. It’s called an upsell.

When people are in a buying frenzy the hardest part is getting them to say “Yes” just once… but when they’re in buying mode… just offer additional offers they already want.

Take a note of this as it is extremely important and profitable to your business if done correctly.

Keep in mind. It is EXTREMELY important to deliver exceptional service.

This is where businesses go wrong with Groupon.

Pay close attention.

Groupon is all about making an irresistible offer to acquire new customers. It lowers the barrier to entry for someone to try out your business.

But here’s what typically happens. A customer comes into your business using a Groupon. Then, because you’re not making as much money as from your regular customers… you give them second-class service.

Which then turns off your new customer… and makes the discount they received on par with the value.

You know what I mean. You’ve probably used a Groupon on a restaurant… only to go in and get sub-par service. Which then completely turns you off from returning back as a regular customer.


Acquiring a customer is the most expensive part of a business. An irresistible offer… especially when combined with an event such as Black Friday when people are LOOKING to spend money… gives you a prime opportunity to acquire new customers at low prices.

Ok… I’ve harped on this enough. Let’s go through the steps now.

4) Retarget to maximize exposure and conversions

Keep in mind Black Friday is an event.

Not only is it an event but it happens to be smack dab in the middle of a lot of other big events.

Meaning… people forget.

You’ll have to build repetition so you stand out. There’s a lot of competing competition on this day!

The primary way to do this is to continue to be in front of your audience.

Also… once someone has identified as wanting to take advantage of your offer you can follow up.

Imagine sending them a text message (all automated) the evening before to remind them of the deal they want. Then again the morning of letting them know how many are left!

5) Build Momentum BEFORE Black Friday

This should probably go without saying, but if you wait till Black Friday it is already too late.

You need to get out in front so your audience knows what you’re offering and what is available.

Remember, people plan this out days in advance so you want to get “in the schedule” ahead of time which won’t happen if you wait till the last second.

Now Let’s Dive Into Setting Up The Process…

1) Create your Facebook ad campaign targeting your ideal customer base

First, you’ll need to setup your campaign in Facebook.

I don’t have the time on the basics of this, but usually it is pretty simple for this example.

Under the “Ad set” you’ll set your targeting options.


You’ll want to target 3 different groups.

  1. Your existing customers
  2. Your existing prospects/leads/contacts
  3. Other potential people

Once you have your ad put together and 3 separate campaigns you’ll then need to…

2) Setup the landing page (a.k.a. offer page)

This is where people will go after clicking on your ad.

Keep in mind you don’t need this to be complicated. You want it simple and focused.

People need to be able to take action easily regardless if they’re on their computer or phone.

Here’s an example below:


Most likely you’ll want to give them a coupon. This way they can take action, you can follow up, and you can be responsible about Black Friday and set parameters that will benefit your customers (such as “Coupon good until 3pm”).

This gives you the opportunity to be the good guy and not create a stampede where people get injured.

Once this is in place you’ll need to…

3) Setup the thank you page

This is going to be where you send people after they sign up for your coupon. You’ll tell them what to do next, what to expect, along with any rules that may apply.


It also provides an additional bonus… you can still sell them even if they don’t come in and take advantage of the Black Friday sale.

Hint: This also gives you a chance to get them to commit to the sale by offering an incentive or to even sell them something on the spot!

4) Setup the follow up messages

You’ll want to follow up with everyone to make sure they know what to expect and to send the coupon to their email.

You’ll need to send over the coupon in their email and also introduce yourself and your business to start building a relationship.

Get things off on the right foot.

5) Setup the countdown sequence

Remember, Black Friday is an event. Make sure they’re ready by sending out an automated reminder as the date approaches.

Imagine receiving a text at 11am on Black Friday reminding you “Only 15 are left” or “Only 4 hours left till the specials are gone!”.

Think it will boost your response?

Of course it will.

You’ll want to send out some reminders including both email and text.

At a minimum send out a text and email reminder the day before and the day of Black Friday.

6) Setup the retargeting ads

I’m going to let you in on a secret.

Not everyone that clicks on your ad will buy.

BUT what you can do is have the chance to follow up with the in Facebook (or Instagram… or numerous other places) and remind them of the offer you are making.

Some people need to see your ad multiple times before clicking on it.

Some people may have a question.

Most will simply get distracted and will forget and just need a reminder to take action.


The main thing is to follow up. People that have clicked on your ad are more likely to convert than someone who hasn’t. They’ve taken a positive action in the right direction.

NOTE: You can also retarget people who have received  your coupon, but haven’t taken advantage of it yet. This way you increase the sales and start the process of acquiring a new customer.

Now… I have a quick question for you…

Did You Like This “Black Friday” Campaign?

Would you like us to setup and run this Black Friday campaign for your business with absolutely no risk to you?

If so, I can send you over some more details on what it involves and what we’re looking at (don’t worry… no pressure.)

Once we have a quick chat on the phone and if it doesn’t make sense (as in we don’t think you’ll get a great return on investment) then we won’t even make you an offer to run the campaign for your business.

Click here to find out more now…

P.S. Want to know something really cool?

3 Ways This Becomes A Long-term Asset For Your Business…

Once you have this campaign ready you can basically send out a version of this (obviously renamed for something other than Black Friday) multiple times per year and get pretty similar results.

It really is an asset for your business and can help you create cash on demand (and family vacations paid for in advance 😉

Here’s how:

  1. You’ll have new customers

You just got them in the door. At a reduced price (compared to your usual cost of customer acquisition).

Now you’re all setup to make the real profits. The backend promotions.

Selling to your existing customers is BY FAR the most profitable thing you can do in your business.

Now is the time to continue to develop a better relationship and make relevant and targeted (and irresistible) offers to your customers.

2) You can follow up with the people who received a coupon… but didn’t act on the offer.

Guess what… just because they didn’t take advantage of your Black Friday sale doesn’t mean they won’t become customers.

Most likely they simply forgot or were busy and weren’t able to take advantage of your offer.

This is the ideal time to follow up and give them another reason to buy.

You have interested and engaged leads. Focus on turning them into customers.

3) You can use this campaign multiple times throughout the year.

Just identify a different reason for the sale than Black Friday. For example you can use a “Tax sale”… Birthday sale… and about a dozen other events to run a similar promotion.

The hard work is done. Just run it again to create a new flood of leads and customers.

P.P.S. Don’t wait too long. It is approaching fast and we can only handle so many clients at a time. We fully expect this to fill up fast.

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